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Megan Eargle

Case Manager - Midlands Office

Hi, My name is Megan Eargle, and I have lived in the Columbia area for all of my life. Since I was young I have had a passion for kids and helping them. I remember at the age of 13 taking a babysitting class and being so excited to get my certificate, so that I could start watching kids. I started out helping my grandmother and mother in the nursery at church, and later babysat family. Once I graduated from high school I took a nanny job, and then later transitioned into an after school program where I was a camp counselor for several years. Throughout that time I attended Newberry College and received a Bachelor in Psychology which led me to get a job as a behavioral aide, assisting families in their homes with learning healthy ways to improve their child's behavior. While working as a behavioral aide, I started graduate school in the field of Human Services, so that I could better help families. As I continued my education I decided to start looking into something that I could still work with families, but make a bigger impact than I felt I was able to do as a behavioral aide. That’s when I started talking to people and heard the name "Early Interventionist" over and over, and felt in my heart it was exactly where I needed to be in order to touch people's lives. Thankfully, Bright Start was looking for an EI at the time and I feel so blessed to both be with the company, and the families of Bright Start.

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