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Brittney Patton

Early Interventionist - Rock Hill Office

Hello! My name is Brittney Patton. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Bennett College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. After graduating I moved back to my hometown for a short time and worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. I then relocated to Charlotte, NC where I worked at a Psychiatric Residential Treatment facility with children and adolescents who suffered from Autism and various mental health disorders for 4 years. For the next 3 years I worked as a Day Treatment Intervention Specialist helping children to use methods that help them to manage and overcome mental and emotional issues. I then started a career in teaching which I hold dear to my heart!! While teaching I had an autistic child in my classroom who had an Early Interventionist that would visit him once a week. She would tell me all about her job responsibilities and the rewarding feeling she would feel after seeing the outcome of her work. The Early Interventionist and I would work together on helping my student to reach specific goals each week. Watching and helping him achieve each goal and having that warm and fuzzy feeling deep in my heart I knew then that teaching will soon be in my rearview mirror. Being a part of Bright Start is a dream come true! I am committed to their mission and assisting my families with reaching their goals!


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