Early Intervention Services

Bright Start provides Early Intervention services for children ages birth to six.

Early Intervention is a family directed program providing intensive developmental instruction for parents/caregivers and their children with special needs. We assist families in helping children reach developmental milestones by building on the strengths of the family and child. This is done through home visits and individualized family training.

Early Intervention is a statewide, comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary, interagency system that provides home and community based services for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. In simpler terms, it is a range of services designed to intervene at the early stages of an infant's or toddler's disability in order to help them reach their developmental potential.

Contact BabyNet for an initial assessment to determine if your child qualifies for Bright Start Early Intervention services.

South Carolina Early Intervention Program
EI Services for Midlands SC and Upstate SC

Success Stories

Jalyn - 22 Days - Early Intervention Success Story

Jalyn at 22 Days

Jalyn - 1 Year Old - Early Intervention Success Story

Jalyn at 1 Year Old

Children who receive Early Intervention are:

  • More likely to achieve developmental goals sooner
  • Less likely to need special education classes later
  • Less likely to develop other disabilities
  • More likely to reduce family stress
Bright Start SC Early Intervention Program
SC EI Services
Emma loves Bright Start SC

Infant Massage

Bright Start has several staff members who are Certified Infant Massage Instructors. The benefits of infant massage are:

  • Reduces stress for parent and child
  • Stimulates neurological development
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Helps relieve gas, colic and constipation
  • Increases alertness and higher awareness

For more information on infant massage visit: Bright Start Infant Massage

Kerri Wikel

Supervisor - Rockhill/Aiken/Midlands Office

18Before accepting a position at Bright Start in April of 2013, I was a head coach of a competitive gymnastics team. There were many aspects of that job that brought me joy, but my involvement with the athletes and their families was my favorite part. After 10 years as a head coach, I recognized the need for a change, but I wanted a career that would allow me to stay connected to young children and their families, so Bright Start was the perfect place for me.

I was so excited to accept the position as an Early Interventionist, and after studying psychology in college, I knew this was the perfect job for me.It is exciting to be a part of these families’ lives and help them to achieve their goals.

I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a program that brings so much joy and happiness into families’ homes day in and day out.


Nicholas Butcher

Supervisor - Midlands Office


I first began my work in the field of special needs in 2007 through Applied Behavior Analysis for children with Autism ages 1-12. Initially, after graduating from College of Charleston in 2008, I practiced ABA in Charleston.

In August 2011, I moved to Columbia with my wife and have been with Bright Start since April 2012.

It's a great pleasure to utilize my experience and knowledge of Autism to benefit families around Columbia.

Sarah Gaskins

Supervisor - Spartanburg/Greenville/Upstate Office


My passion for working with young children started at an early age. As one of four siblings, I grew up surrounded by children. As soon as I was old enough, I began volunteering with the children’s nursery and vacation bible schools at my church. In high school, I turned my passion into a part-time job by working at a child care center.

While most of my friends complained about their summers spent waiting tables or working retail…I loved every minute at work because I was surrounded by children. I graduated from college in 2005 with a degree in Sociology and started with with Bright Start as an Early Interventionist, or EI, soon after.

After 2 1/2 wonderful and challenging years as an EI, I was given the opportunity to advance in my career by accepting a position as an EI Supervisor, the position I currently hold.


Beth Deason

Administrator - Early Intervention State Director/Midlands Office


Upon completion of my graduate studies in Speech – Language Pathology, I worked in the public school system with children 3 through 12 years of age. Although I enjoyed working with these children, I didn’t feel this was truly where I belonged.

I then took a position with a private speech therapy provider doing subcontract work. This was definitely an all encompassing job, as my work settings and populations ran the entire spectrum. I worked with adult stroke patients in the hospital inpatient/outpatient facilities, home health and worked with children in the private school setting.

The home health setting is where I found the path that had been set out for me. I began working with children who had developmental delays, providing speech therapy in the home and I fell in love.


Amy Rogers

Supervisor- Greenville/ Spartanburg/Cherokee

Amy Rogers

In 1999 when I moved from Greenville, SC to start college at High Point University in NC,  I was going to pursue a career in Sports Management. I thought I had everything figured out however I soon realized my heart wasn't in it and I changed my major to Human Relations. I wasn't sure what all I could or even what I wanted to do but I knew I would be in a helping profession working with people. A few years after college I had the opportunity to visit a friend in Hawaii and after only a few days on the island I knew I was meant to stay! I took a job working with children with Autism and I loved it! While in Hawaii I was able to get my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and I discovered that I wanted Early Intervention to be my career. I love having the opportunity to work with these wonderful children in their homes and find it incredibly rewarding being able to help so many families connect better with their children. I moved back to Greenville, SC and began working with Bright Start in December of 2014 and consider myself so lucky to be able to work with so many wonderful families and children!


Katie Haning

Supervisor- Anderson/ Pickens/Oconee

I attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, majoring in

Katie Haning

Early Childhood Education, and knowing I wanted to work with children in some way. My mother is an EI for Anderson County; wanting to know more about her job, I shadowed her for a day. After that I knew that Early Intervention was the career I wanted to pursue post college. I loved the idea of working with children with special needs one-on-one and also being able to connect with their families. I graduated in May 2012 with my BA in Early Childhood Education and worked at a church child care center with the after school aged children for summer. In August, I went full time at the child care working in the two and three year old classroom as the lead teacher. I got married in October 2012 and started working for Bright Start in May 2013. I feel blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to work with some amazing people, families, and children!



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