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Sarah Parker

Supervisor - Upstate Office

My passion for working with young children started at an early age. As one of four siblings, I grew up surrounded by children. As soon as I was old enough, I began volunteering with the children’s nursery and vacation bible schools at my church. In high school, I turned my passion into a part-time job by working at a child care center. While most of my friends complained about their summers spent waiting tables or working retail…I loved every minute at work because I was surrounded by children. I graduated from college in 2005 with a degree in Sociology and started with with Bright Start as an Early Interventionist, or EI, soon after. After 2 1/2 wonderful and challenging years as an EI, I was given the opportunity to advance in my career by accepting a position as an EI Supervisor, the position I currently hold. I love working with all of our families and children we serve. Bright Start is committed to putting families and their needs first, and I love supervising a group of EIs that truly believe in that mission and strive to do the most for our families every day. It is truly an amazing gift to wake up every day and go to a job that I love.

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