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Hannah Crosby

Early Interventionist - Aiken Office

I was born and raised in Aiken, SC in a family of 4 girls- I know, my poor dad! I was thankful to have older sisters to look up to and learn from. Growing up, I was fortunate to have learned about a variety of different career paths; as I prepared for college I chose a career field which I felt was the best fit for me. I chose to attend Winthrop University and began my college career as an Elementary Education major. I loved my field experience and all of the children and teachers I had the opportunity of working with. It was through those experiences that I saw education from a different perspective. I began exploring different majors that would provide different ways of educating and helping children and their families. This is when I made the decision, with some guidance from my advisor, to change my major to Family and Consumer Sciences specializing in Early Intervention. I loved my major and had a great variety of classes to prepare me for the field of Early Intervention; however, nothing truly prepares you better than being in the field, seeing it, and doing it firsthand. In order to help me gain more understanding of Early Intervention, I chose to complete my internship with an Early Intervention agency in Rock Hill, SC. From there, I chose to continue in the field of Early Intervention working at Bright Start. I am thankful to work with wonderful people who love children and truly care about helping families. It is definitely a joy to be a part of this agency where we are fortunate to see children grow and learn!

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