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Courtney Cox

Early Interventionist - Upstate Office

Hello, My name is Courtney Cox. I have lived in Greenville, South Carolina for 28 years. I have two children a boy named Joseph and a girl named Allyssa. I have ten years experience working with children. From the time I was in first grade I knew I wanted to teach. I started in high school working with young children in a daycare setting and it confirmed that teaching was a calling of mine; I loved every minute of it. I attended North Greenville University for Elementary Education, but several events in life would lead me down a different path towards teaching children with Autism. I started as a line therapist with an Applied Behavior Analysis company and switched my major; I graduated from the University of Phoenix with my bachelors degree in Psychology. I continued my work as an ABA therapist eventually becoming a Registered Behavior Technician and a lead therapist. A personal journey would actually lead me to my true passion in life and what I feel to be my calling; Early Intervention. I learned about the Early Intervention program through a personal journey with my son; in which I found myself as a parent on the receiving end of Early Intervention for him. After having a sweet Early Interventionist work with my son every week and help our family with goals and therapies; I can say both personally and professionally that I have a strong testimony of Early Intervention, and it's importance in helping children and families develop skills early on to shape the future. I am thrilled to be working with Bright Start and look forward to giving back a service that was once given to me.

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