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Ansley Ebernickle

Early Interventionist - Anderson Office

Growing up I had a learning disability, which lead to school being very difficult for me. But once I got into high school I found a woman who specialized in learning disabilities and said she could help my frustration. After four years of working with her it was like a huge light bulb went off and I was a much happier person because I didn’t feel always frustrated. I went to Clemson University and was on a mission to make sure that whatever my career ended up that I would be helping people like I was helped. So when I came across Early Intervention it was like that same light bulb went off again. I not only love working with these children towards a goal but I love working with their parents too! I graduated Clemson University with my BA in Psychology and a minor in American Sign Language. These days I love being a part of the Bright Start team and helping all the families I have the honor of working with!

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