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Amita Lathigra

Case Manager - Midlands Office

Amita Lathigra is a Case Manager with eight years' experience teaching and leading in Washington, DC schools prior to moving to Columbia, South Carolina. Prior to focusing on education, she gained a breadth of experience in gallery management, commercial real estate development, and management consulting. She transitioned to education when she realized that she wanted to make an impact on future generations, as she had always loved working with children. As a teacher, Amita focused on meeting the needs of diverse learners through the arts. She developed her own curricula, taught others how to teach diverse learners, and gained a reputation for being a strong coach and mentor to new educators. She also taught teachers across the city how to engage students in meaningful discussion about complex texts. She was groomed for leadership early on in her teaching career and was able to transition smoothly to starting high quality inclusion programs in Washington, DC. Most recently, Amita developed a nationally recognized inclusion program at a charter elementary school that received an award from the TASH organization. Amita believes that all students can and will learn with the right supports. She holds a Master of Education from American University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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