on September 18th, 2017
3 Tips for helping little ones with ANXIETY
1. Know the Signs of Anxiety in young children: Rigidity in routines Slow to warm to new people or activities Sleep... more
on August 22nd, 2017
Is it Sensory or Behavior?
Children throw tantrums.  Although undesirable, this is very normal. Tantrums usually occur when a child doesn’t get... more
on August 14th, 2017
Decoding Dyslexia
This month, our blog entry comes from Natalie Dunn, an early interventionist in our upstate office! Natalie shares... more
on August 3rd, 2017
August Playgroup
... more
on July 31st, 2017
New Office
Finally! The upstate office finally expanded earlier this month! We have been steadily growing and the previous... more
on March 20th, 2017
Family Spotlights!
My favorite blog topics are the “Family Spotlights”. I love hearing their stories and sharing their milestones. I... more
on March 17th, 2017
Food Fights!!
Food Fights Toddlers are picky little people! Some picky-ness is normal, but some toddlers actually cross a line... more
on February 14th, 2017
Dental Health
February is dental health month! Love your child’s teeth! It can be tricky trying to figure out how to care for your... more
on January 27th, 2017
We are in Charleston!!
Did you know that we are providing services in the Charleston area now? On September 6, 2016, Bright Start began... more
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